Esperanza is a large master planned community with a wide variety of homes and various commercial uses. The overarching goal of the Association is to protect property values for everyone within Esperanza. This is accomplished in two ways: 1) routine inspection of property and enforcement of deed restrictions to ensure compliance; 2) operation, maintenance and repair of the assets owned by the Association. First, the Association makes and enforces rules for all the property in Esperanza. Deed restrictions are placed on the properties before it is sold to individual owners and the Association is responsible to uphold compliance with those deed restrictions. Also, Esperanza has a lot of common areas and facilities owned by the Association. The Association is responsible for hiring and supervising the vendors that make sure the Association’s assets are kept up. This includes but is not limited to the landscaping and irrigation along Esperanza Blvd as well as the various open spaces throughout the community and the 11-acre Club site with all kinds of moving parts. The road that is located behind a gate is owned and maintained by the Association, including the gate and all associated pieces.

Goodwin & Company is a vendor hired by Esperanza Community Association to perform certain functions for the community.  Any concerns regarding assessments, accounts, reporting deed violations, or received violations should be directed to Goodwin & Company via email at info@goodwintx.com or by contacting the Community Manager at 830-336-4575. As part of the contract with Goodwin & Company, they hire a Community Manager to drive the community and ensure the deed restrictions are enforced in order to maintain property values in the community.


Village representatives are responsible for attending meetings and disseminating pertinent information to their respective villages on behalf of the Developer and HOA, as well as offering positive, productive and solutions-oriented feedback to Lifestyle & Club Coordinator, Lorie Gill. 

Additionally, village representatives are responsible for assisting the Lifestyle & Club Coordinator, Lorie Gill with event coordination and communication, as well as aid in establishing village/community event committees.

The two functions of the Association include deed restriction enforcement and maintenance and operation of Association owned common areas. The majority of the Association’s budget is dedicated to the costs of operating, maintaining and repairing the HOA owned common areas such as walking trails, parks, entry signage, lighting and fountains, landscaping and irrigation along Esperanza Boulevard, swimming pools, fitness center, lazy river, and holiday lighting at entrance. General administrative costs for the management company, lifestyle coordinator, pool monitors and cleaners, janitorial services, taxes, reserves for capital assets and insurance are also paid for with your HOA dues. Currently the assessments collected from residents do not cover all the costs to operate the HOA. Therefore, in order for the HOA to function and be able to operate, maintain and repair the Association owned assets, Developer funding for the shortfall deficit will be needed until the HOA assessments can sustain the costs of operating the community. A copy of the approved budget is available upon request.
A copy of deed restrictions should be provided at closing. You can also find them on the Village Rules page. To determine your section, refer to your closing documents or your pod entry name.

To be included in our email updates, please sign up on Townsq https://app.townsq.io/login

and ensure the correct email address is on file with Goodwin & Company.  You will need your account number to login.  If you need help locating your account number, please call your Community Manager at 830-336-4575.

A RFID tag will need to be placed on your vehicle for gate entry.  A gate fob is needed to enter The Club at Esperanza. To receive the first two free RFID tags and two access devices, complete the SESP Access Application Form under the Docs & Forms page and return the completed application to amenityaccess@goodwintx.com or mail the form to Goodwin 11950 Jollyville Road Austin TX 78759.

All common area landscaping is the responsibility of the HOA and can be reported directly by contacting the HOA Community Manager at 830-336-4575 or by emailing SESPmanager@goodwintx.com.  Residents can also go to https://app.townsq.io/login to report an issue. The manager will contact the proper landscape team to resolve the issue. It is helpful to have a picture or a location of the problem.

For questions regarding your account and assessments due you can call Goodwin & Company at 855-289-6007 or email them at info@goodwintx.com. Assessments can be paid quarterly. Prior to the beginning of each year, the Esperanza Community Association sends out a letter stating the quarterly assessment amount. If you are a new homeowner, this will be provided to you at closing as well as sent to you in a Welcome Packet. This amount is due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. Payments must be received no later than the 15th to avoid late fees. There is NOT a statement sent out each quarter, therefore it may be helpful to set a reminder on your calendar for each quarterly due date. Mail payments to our bank lockbox location at:

Esperanza Community Association Inc.
c/o Goodwin Processing Center
PO BOX 93447
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3447

The rules for The Club can be found on the Community Rules page.
Normal pool hours are 10am to 8:30 pm. The pools are open every day except Wednesdays for cleaning and maintenance from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend.
A limit of 5 guests per household, per day are allowed at the pools. Residents MUST accompany their guests for the entire duration of their visit at The Club.
The Fitness Center at The Club is open 24 hours.
Residents should refer to Community Room Request Form on the Docs & Forms page or contact the Lifestyle & Club Coordinator for Community Room Rental at 830-336-3400. The rental rate is $150.00 for the initial four (4 hours). The security deposit is $300.00. Two (2) additional hours may be reserved for $85 per hour with seven (7) days prior notice to and written approval by the Lifestyle & Club Coordinator. Other guidelines will apply.

You can contact the HOA Community Manager by calling 830-336-4575 or emailing SESPmanager@goodwintx.com.


Print and complete an ACC Modification Application from the Docs & Forms page and email it to ACCReview@GoodwinTX.com. Deed Violations can be reported from the Homepage or residents can go to https://app.townsq.io/login to submit a violation/complaint under the request tab.


Print and complete and ACC Modification Application from the Docs & Forms page and email it to ACCReview@GoodwinTX.com.  All ACC requests will require a deposit and a Review and Inspection fee. Residents can also submit an ACC Request at https://app.townsq.io/login.


Reviewer has thirty (30) days to respond to application but every effort will be made to respond within 14 days of receipt. No response is deemed a denial, but Owners may expect written approval or denial. All ACC requests require a $150 review fee. Residents can also submit an ACC Request at https://app.townsq.io/login.


All dogs must be on a leash when outside a fenced area. In addition, all pets must be registered and vaccinated. Residents are responsible for picking up after their pet and disposing of the bag properly.
Upon closing of a new home, a resident can print a 2-year membership form from the Docs &Forms page and mail it to the Cibolo Nature Center at 140 City Park Rd. Boerne, TX 78006. The free membership is only available on new homes, not resales.
Individual owner garage sales, yard sales, auctions, and estate sales of any character are prohibited. The HOA may schedule 2 community wide garage sales each year. Advance notice will be provided in your newsletter when scheduled.
You will receive a New Homeowner packet from Goodwin & Company upon closing. You will need your assigned HOA account number to register. If you do not receive your packet or if it has been misplaced, please call your Community Manager at 830-336-4575 to get this information.

Upon closing, you will receive a New Homeowner packet that includes two Esperanza vehicle decals.  These window decals are just another way to assist in determining who belongs in the common areas of the community.  In addition to this, they also have an additional benefit of displaying a sense of community spirit in protecting property values. They are not mandatory but highly recommended. Please place them in the back left rear window of your vehicles.

If you do not receive your packet or if it has been misplaced, please call your Community Manager at 830-336-4575 or visit the Sales Office at The Club.

The Lifestyle Director is responsible for creating, planning, marketing and executing community events and gatherings to enrich the quality of life and enhance the vibrancy of Esperanza. Community pride and kinship is important in contributing to further community growth. In support of the New Home Sales team, the Lifestyle Director will provide informative and engaging community tours and overviews to prospective homeowners.
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We are thrilled to announce that Esperanza residents can now receive news & event information via text message. Signing up is easy! Simply text the word RESIDENT to 830-271-0824 to join the text group. In addition to our HOA enewsletters and Facebook page, we will be sending text announcements periodically. If you have any questions, please reach out to Lorie.Gill@goodwintx.com.

The Resident Sponsorship Opportunity form is a way for residents to submit their business or brand to be featured in either a monthly newsletter or table at a resident event. For more information visit the Docs & Forms page.